'15 Underwater Robot Convention in JAMSTEC
"Underwater Robocon in JAMSTEC'15"
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Revised 10th Jul. 2015

- Objectives

The purposes of this event are to widen the circle of the participants through the competitions and presentations of their underwater robots, and to provide an opportunity to challenge the realistic tasks by making full use of engineering knowledge and technology.
Furthermore, as a part of outreach activities, the event aims to publicize the fun and importance of underwater robotics within young people and society.

- Date
28th Aug. 2015 (Fri.) 13:00-17:30 (Disclosure of the Competition Course, Tuning of robots)
29th Aug. 2015 (Sat.) 10:00-17:30 (Tuning of robots, Workshop)
30th Aug. 2015 (Sun.) 10:00-17:30 (Competition, Campus tour, Awards Ceremony)

- Venue: Japan Agency of Marine-Earth Science and Engineering, Yokosuka Headquaters, (Under a process)

- Application procedures (Pre-registration is mandatory for all the participants including visitors. Please contact to urobo15(at)googlegroups.com)
(Participation fee): Free

(Types of Participation)
(AUV and Free Style Vehicle)

(Fri. to Sun.)
Bring their own robots. Teams are scored and awarded based on their presentation at the workshop (Sat.) and competition (Sun.). Participation in Friday's tuning is optional.

Competition Rule : to be opened (almost same as that of the last year)
Junior (ROV-making classroom)
(Sat. and Sun.)
This classroom is organized for high school and junior high school students to assemble, tune, operation-practice and compete with each other. Competition rule will be opened at the venue. All parts will be supplied by the Executive Committee. Up to 7 teams.
(Sun. only)
To watch the competition. Visitors can participate in the campus tour.
- The Robots
Type Free

- Robots that potentially pollute facilities (oil leaks for example) are not accepted. If you have worries, please consult us in advance. If you use silicone oil etc. on the robots, you should remove them before putting them in the pool.
Electric Power - If you use secondary batteries, safety measures (fuse breaker,etc.) must be implemented. When charging secondary batteries, you must put them out of closed chambers. Especially if you use lithium based batteries, you must pay close attention.

- If you want to use tether cable for power feeding, please contact us beforehand. (The maximum power available is 100V-20A. Please bring a generator if it exceeds it)

Control Method Free (Autonomous control and remotely control are both acceptable)

- If you are using a commercially available radio controller, it's frequency should be limited to the band assigned to the land-based radio-controlled vehicles (model car and boat). Those for model airplanes are not acceptable.
(List of Frequency Band)
Size Limitaion - Length: 2.0 m, Width 0.8 m, Height: 1.0 m

If you need a hoist to put your robot to the pool, please contact us beforehand. The information on the space for the hoist is here
Weight Limitation 200kg in air

The competition pool of last year (for your reference)

Other technical information (for your refference)

- Notes:
* If you use automobiles, please contact us beforehands. (Map)

* Official bus service is available on Sunday (@8:15, @9:20 from Oppama Station to JAMSTEC, @ 16:45, 17:45 from JAMSTEC to Oppama Station). It is free.
* JAMSTEC is located about 3.4 km away from Oppama Station. Taxi is available at Oppama Station.
* If you want to send your robot beforehand, please contact us.

"Underwater vehicle free meeting" will be held in JAMSTEC on 12 July and 9 August in which pre-practice will be available. (students, teachers and visitors can participate free of charge).
Please look at Underwater Vehicle Free Meeting. Pre-registration is mandatory. Please contact us if you want to take part in.

* Facilities of JAMSTEC other than the rooms and pool for this event is closed. (If you want to see other facilities, please join the Campus tour scheduled from Sunday 15:00)
* There is no restaurant and shop within walking distance. Limited amount of soft drinks and snacks is available at vending machines. We recommend you to bring your lunch.
* Information of accommodations will be announced to the registered teams on request.

- Organizers
NPO Japan Underwater Robonet, JAMSTEC, The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, IEEE/OES Japan Chpater, MTS Japan Section, Tehcno-Ocean Network, Office of Naval Research Global
Underwater Technology Collaborative Research Center, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, The University of Tokyo Ocean Alliance, Center for Socio-Robotic Synthesis, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Faculty of Marine Technology, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Collaboration Aquamodelers Meeting, Matsuyama-Kogyo Ltd., Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.
Executive Com. Executive Committee of Underwater Robocon in JAMSTEC and JAMSTEC

- Contact:
Executive Committee
E-mail: urobo15(at)googlegroups.com

- Past Events
* Underwater Robocon in JAMSTEC'10 (Mar. 2010)
* Underwater Robocon in JAMSTEC'12Spring (Mar. 2012)
* Underwater Robocon in JAMSTEC'12Summer (Sep. 2012)
* Underwater Robocon in JAMSTEC'13 (Aug.-Sep. 2013)
* Underwater Robocon in JAMSTEC'14 (Aug.-Sep. 2014)
* Underwater Vehicle Free Meeting (Monthly)

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